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Located in the City of Irvine California, TRANTRONICS was founded in 1997 by Tom Tran its current owner and CEO. Previously, Mr. Tran was the Co-Founder and V.P of operations for Quick Turn Assembly (QTA). QTA was acquired by Laughlin-Wilt Group and ultimately, became part of the worldwide Contract Manufacturer VIASYSTEMS.

Tom Tran's vast experience and "hands-on" expertise actually dates back to 1983 while working in the electronic board manufacturing industry. During this time, Tom gained valuable experience and the "expertise" it took to achieve high quality and on time delivery performance. Tom quickly figured out that by making the customer, quality, and on-time delivery the most important parts of a business, it would flourish to be a prosperous enterprise. This is TRANTRONICS most valuable virtue. Furthermore, TRANTRONICS loyal highly skilled personnel have continuously worked with Tom Tran since 1983.

Since its inception in 1997, TRANTRONICS has continued a pattern of steady and solid growth in the Electronic Manufacturing Industry. In recent years, the electronics industry downturn has made the business climate very challenging. These challenges have proven to be incentives to make TRANTRONICS a more resourceful operation. Furthermore, this growth pattern has continued mostly by "Word of mouth" referrals through its network of highly satisfied customers. The Company has quickly gained a reputation for high quality and on time delivery.

From a historical perspective, some of the growth milestones the company has realized are the following:

  • 1997- TRANTRONICS founded by Tom Tran. Leased 4000 sq. ft. facility located at the Sky Park Circle in the City of Irvine. Additionally, full staffs of highly skilled and experienced personnel were hired.
  • 1997- Purchased first Philips "Emerald' SMT production line complete with semi-automatic SMTECH screen printer and reflow oven. Through-hole operations included; Astrapack flow-solder machine, full line of HEPCO prep equipment and Aqueous Technologies closed-loop D.I. wash system were also installed.
  • 1998- Acquired second Philips "Topaz" SMT machine capable of placing 14,000 Components Per Hour (Cph). Additionally, a KIC thermal profiling system is purchased to meet material thermal requirement specifications.
  • 1999- With the demand of advanced placement technologies such as BGA, uBGA's, and higher density QFP's on the rise, TRANTRONICS acquired a Glenbrook Real time X-Ray machine and Sierra Technologies BGA and advanced package rework line with vision systems.
  • 2000- Expanded facility to double capacity and size due to increased customer demand. This allowed TRANTRONICS to add a fully enclosed stock room and the room necessary to add a third Philips "Eclipse II" advanced technology SMT placement machine.
  • 2001- Added box build capabilities in order to meet full system assembly requirements requested by customers. This allowed TRANTRONICS to enhance its manufacturing capabilities to system enclosures and to install customer provided functional test equipment.
  • 2002- In order to continue its growth pattern, TRANTRONICS moved to a newly remodeled 16000 sq. ft. facility. We also acquired a fourth Philips "Topaz" SMT placement machine, MPM/Speedline "SPM" automatic screen printer, Electrovert "Aquastorm" in-line closed loop aqueous wash system, and Electrovert "Omniflo Bravo 8105" 10 zone re-flow oven. All of these equipment upgrades would allow TRANTRONICS to serve low-mid-high volume production requirements for various customers.
  • In August 2002, TRANTRONICS greatest accomplishments were to receive IS09001: 2000 Certification. This would enable TRANTRONICS to offer our services to global World Class Enterprises at all levels.

Currently, TRANTRONICS continues to drive Continuous Process Improvement measures and Total Customer Satisfaction by harnessing customer feedback with technical innovations. With this arsenal of ideologies, TRANTRONICS continues striving to be a more productive and cost-effective enterprise.